Fisher Price Classic / Leerklok / Teaching Clock

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Who remembers this teaching clock by Fisher Price Classics? This clock was first designed in 1968 and is as popular as it was back then. It still plays the original melody, "Grandfather's Clock", a catchy, uplifting tune. A piece of nostalgia that is still just as useful!

First your child will enjoy it as a toy. Rotating the hands on the face, winding it up and watching storybook pictures rotate, and playing the sweet cheery tune again, again, and again.

Then, you'll find it's perfect for teaching your child how to tell time!

Retro Fisher Price Teaching Clock


  • A classic toy first introduced in 1968
  • Learn to tell time
  • Encourages fine motor skills, cause/effect understanding, concept of telling time
  • Timeless storybook graphics
  • Plays "Grandfather's Clock" a 1876 folk song
  • Hour hand moves every time minute hand makes a revolution manually
  • Wind from the back
  • Retro design, plastic clock body
  • Slight variation from original to meet current day safety standards
  • Quality construction; a family favorite for generations

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